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History of the church

1840's - 1900
Plans for a New Church
The new Church
Opening of the Church of Our Lady,
Help of Christians and St Aloysius,
17 July 1889
The Great War
The Building of Stella Maris School and the new church in Cheriton
Golden Jubilee and Consecration of the Church, 21 June 1939
The Second World War
War time difficulties and problems
Post-War reconstruction
The Re-ordering of the Church
after Vatican II
Visit of the Pope to Canterbury
End of the XX Century
Centenary Thanksgiving Mass,
16 July 1989
Present day
Priests who have served the Parish
The history of the parish is based on the extracts from:

Catholic Folkestone, A Post-Reformation History by Eammon D. Rooney and Dennis Creighton-Davies

Copyright: Roman Catholic Parish of Our Lady, Help of Christians & St. Aloysius, Folkestone

Copies of the booklet may be obtained from:

The Catholic Presbytery
41 Guildhall Street
Kent CT20 1EF



Priests who have served the Parish PARISH PRIESTS
Rev Thos. Costigan 1821-1859
Rev - Sheridan 1860-1865
Rev Isaac Goddard 1865-1868
Rev Jas. Aloysius Reed 1868-1870
Rev Thos. Morrisey 1870-1875
Rev W. Alexander 1875-1877
Rev - Cumberlege 1877-1878
Rev Justin Mooney 1878-1881
Rev E. D. Cahill 1881-1886
Rev Francis Dennan 1886-1896
Rev Basil Gaisford 1896-1897
Rev T. B. Scannell 1897-1905
Very Rev Mons Chas. Coote 1905-1935
Very Rev Canon Jas. Walters 1936-1943
Rev Cyril Walmsley 1943-1969
Rev Laurence Roskilly 1969-1984
Rev Roger Nesbitt 1984-

Priests who have served the Parish ASSISTANT PRIESTS
Rev J. Duggan 1877-1878
Rev Thos. Lloyd Coghlan 1889-1905
Rev Patrick Twomey 1906
Rev George Coote 1906-1911
Rev Lynch Staunton 1911-1919
Rev Stephen Rogers 1922-1939
Rev Bernard Smoker 1936-1937
Rev Francis Young 1937-1941
Rev Aubrey Fowler 1941-1946
Rev Francis Horsfield 1942-1947
Rev James Carolin 1946-1947
Rev Richard Fawssett 1947-1948
Rev Hugh Donaghy 1947-1953
Rev Terence Donovan 1948-1952
Rev William Hogg 1952-1960
Rev Ray Bryant 1953-1956
Rev Leonard Turner 1956-1962
Rev Michael Hill 1960-1964
Rev Anthony Pyle 1964-1968
Rev William Hogg 1968-1984

Rev Laurence Roskilly
Fr Capener