October 22nd , 2017



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22nd October - The 29th Sunday of the Year
4th national Mass count
World Mission Day (Second Collection for Missio)
CAFOD Envelopes can still be handed in today!

(OLHoC) Mass (People of the Parish)

Followed by coffee in OLHoC Parish Hal  
(Please bring to the hall your red Missio box)  
(St Joseph) Mass (Peter Dowd RIP)  
Followed by coffee in St Joseph’s Parish Hall  
(OLHoC) Mass (Margaret Ellison RIP)  
Followed by coffee in OLHoC Parish Hall  
(Please bring to the hall your red Missio box)  
23rd October - Feria
(Virgo Fidelis) Mass  
(OLHoC) Mass (George & Agnes Hewitt RIP)
(OLHoC) Open Office (5.00pm - 6.30pm)  
24th October - Feria
(OLHOC) Mass (Bob & Tess Vickery – Diamond wedding anniversary)  
25th October - Feria
(St Joseph) NO Mass today  
(OLHoC) Mass (Edmund Dean)
Laudato Si’ study course in OLHoC Parish Hall (incl. free simple lunch). All invited.
Funeral Mass for Steve Atmore (St Joseph)  
Reception of the Body of Margaret Ellison (OLHoC)  
26th October - Feria
(OLHoC) Funeral Mass of Margaret Ellison (OLHoC)
(Maureen Jones RIP)
  Followed by coffee in the OLHoC Parish Hall  
Christmas Fayre meeting, Parish Hall  
Singing Practice in the Parish Hall  
27th October -Feria
(OLHoC) Mass (In reparation for abortion)
Justice & Peace Group: St Joseph’s Parish Hall  
28th October - SS Simon & Jude
(OLHoC) Mass (Steve Atmore RIP)  
(OLHoC) Confessions 10.30am-11.15am
12.00 noon
Baptism of Jayson Daniel Dunbar (OLHoC)  
(OLHoC) Confessions 5.00pm-6.00pm
(OLHoC) Mass(Frank & Yvonne D’Agostini RIP)  
(Please bring your red Missio boxes to the church tonight)  
29th October - The 30th Sunday of the Year

(OLHoC) Mass (Kathleen & Reginald Philpott RIP)

Followed by coffee in OLHoC Parish Hall  
(St Joseph) Mass (Steve Atmore RIP)  
Followed by coffee in OLHoC Parish Hall  
(OLHoC) Mass (People of the Parish)  
Followed by coffee in OLHoC Parish Hall  
Folkestone Churches Together United Service at Cheriton Baptist Church  
(Third Sunday of the annual Mass count):

329 people came to the Sunday Masses at Guildhall Street last weekend; 98 people came to St Joseph’s.
Collections totalled £828.37 and £373.32 respectively. THANK YOU!

PLEASE PRAY FOR: Alan Lloyd, Alex Shears, Alice McLaughlin, Alister Hutchin, Andy Mark, Anna Fitzgerald-Clark, Anne Harrison, Barrie Pape, Bob Barton, Brian Wright, Brian & Elizabeth Tudball, Bridgid Hunt, Carla Letts, Christine O’Hagan, Christopher Browne, Ciaran Casey, Claire Simmons, Colette Bannerman, Conor Dunne, Cynthia Misquita, Dave de Courtney, David & Mary Honey, Dorothy Hogan, Elizabeth Newman, Ernestina Valladares & Isaac Miranda, Francis Dunn, Harry Wilson, Heather Foster, Janet Fitzgerald, Janet & Paul Rynehart, Jean Malloy, Jean Pape, Jim Scott, John Lodge, John McGarry, John & Elizabeth Rushton, Josianne Fryer, Judy’s Dad, Juliet, June Joannes, Katie O’Rorke, June Rolph, Juliette Young, Kevin Lamb, Kitty Hart, Len Griffiths, Lucia D’Agostini, Martha Bennett-Blowes, Mary Robinson, Matthew Sinfield, Moira Goss, Nicola Pape, Nicholas White, Nikki Gallazzi, Norman Sharp, Pam Boxall, Patricia Barry, Paul Barton, Pauline Gordon, Pauline Ho, Pauline Kearney, Peter Foster, Peter Pope, Rachel Cross, Robert Benson, Rosalind Chittenden, Roy Blake, Sallie White, Shaun Kelly, Shirley Jefford, Tony Hardy, Ursula Caffarey, Fr Edmund Hartley, Fr Peter Madden, and Sister Milligan.  
THE PARISH 100 CLUB The October draw will take place today, October 22nd, after the 11.00am Mass in OLHoC Parish Hall. The 100 Club works like this – each member chooses a number (one or more – as many as they like) and pay £12.00 per year per number. All the numbers are entered in the draw, and the holder of the winning number wins £20.00 (except that in June and December the prize is £50 - to help with holidays and Christmas!). I’ve explained all this specially for the sake of St Joseph’s people, because new members are very welcome, and so far St Joseph’s have only got ONE member – it would be fun to have some more!  
THE OLHoC CHRISTMAS FAYRE is on Saturday, Nov. 25th, at OLHoC Parish Hall. The date should already be in your diaries! The box for donations (new gifts, bottles, handicrafts) is in place in OLHoC. The next planning meeting is this Thursday, October 26th, after Mass, in OLHoC Parish Hall. A list of jobs/stalls is at the back of OLHoC for people to sign up to – and also a list for all bakers willing to make a cake or pie for the cake stall.  
Also Grand Draw tickets & Christmas Cake raffle tickets are on sale at the back of the church. Please take some to buy and to sell to your friends.  
SINGERS! We have started to practise for the Advent Carol Service but anyone who has a voice is still very welcome to join us. All we need is your voice (you’re not required to be a trained singer or to able to read music!). PLEASE think about joining us – Thursdays at 6.00pm in OLHoC Parish Hall.  
LAUDATO SI’ STUDY COURSE The fourth session is this Wednesday (October 25th) - don’t worry if you missed either of the last three sessions – you can still dip in & out. The session starts at 12.30pm and includes a light lunch free of charge.  
HELPERS OF GOD'S PRECIOUS INFANTS As we (and everybody in the mass media) mark the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Abortion Act, please remember the constant witness of “pro-life” groups, and their courage and dedication. Please support especially our own members of HGPI and SPUC with your prayers – and watch out for their notices in the porch of OLHoC. If you want any information about this, ring Carole Smith on 07747 746411.  
MISSIO RED BOX DAY! MISSIO is one of the Catholic Church's main official charities for overseas mission. Together, Missio, the Association for the Propagation of the Faith and the Mill Hill Missionaries the Church in England and Wales uses the Red Box as a focus of mission and prayer, through which money is raised for life-changing work in developing countries. If you have a Red Box, please bring it and hand it in this weekend – at the back of church after the 6.30pm mass, and in the OLHoC Parish Hall after any Sunday Mass. Terry or Rose, our volunteer Parish Mission Secretaries. will be there, and there will also be coffee and cake and short films about Missio’s work, and a chance to pick up your free magazine.  
NOVEMBER ENVELOPES FOR THE DEPARTED - are now available at the back of both Churches. Write down on a piece of paper the names of those whose souls you want prayed for; put the paper with an offering in the envelope; and the people thus named will be remembered at masses throughout November. ALL the envelopes are opened, and the lists ARE read through and prayed for - though not out loud - at every mass!  
“AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH” – this film is being shown in St Joseph’s Parish Hall on Monday, November 6th at 7.30pm. The Justice & Peace group invite us to see this film to raise our awareness of the need to “live simply so that others may simply live” (Mahatma Gandhi), and in response to the Popes plea that we look after the world that God has given us.  
ALL SAINTS’ DAY (Wednesday, November 1st) is a Holy Day of Obligation. There will therefore be a Vigil Mass on the evening before, at 7.30pm at Guildhall Street; Mass (as usual, with Stella Maris School) on the day itself at 10.00am at Guildhall Street; and Mass at St Joseph’s at 7.30pm.  
ALL SOULS’ SAY (Thursday, November 2nd) is NOT a Holy Day of Obligation (indeed, it’s only a memorial): but people are encouraged to come to Mass to join in the Church’s continuing intercession for her departed members, and many people long to do so to remember departed relatives and friends. There will be two Masses in the parish - at OLHoCSA at 10.00am, and St Joseph’s at 7.30pm.  
Parochial Administrator: Fr Stephen Bould,
41a Guildhall St., Folkestone, Kent CT20 1EF
Tel: 01303 252823 E-mail: sfb@olhocsa.com
Clergy: Fr S. Bould, Fr F. Capener, Fr J. Houghton

Deacon Dr G. Homsey




Parochial Administrator :
Fr Stephen Bould, The Presbytery, 41A Guildhall Street, Folkestone CT20 1EF
Hon. Assistant Priests: Fr Francis Capener, Fr Jamie Houghton
Parish website: www.catholic-folkestone.org.uk
Parish phone number: 01303 252823